Friday, December 21, 2012


Usually, when I'm waiting for the man to get home, I drink wine.  Tonight it's red.
The world didn't end.  (It was supposed to.) Which means next week, after a quick Christmas break, it'll be back to the daily grind of wiping asses.  I clean up so much shit between the 5 kids and the dog.  This sounds like I'm complaining. I'm not. I'd 100% rather be helping a child wipe their ass than kissing the ass of a grown man or woman. The dog though.. I could live without his shit.
The man just called, said he would be over to pick me up in 5 minutes for dinner. What a good man.  So a quick recap of the day-
Schmitts. Took them to the St. Louis Park Tot Play Time. Had to explain to the mothers, "No, I'm not a whore, these are someone else's kids. However, like a prostitute, I get paid to do what you do for free. So actually I'm up one on you." Had a super long afternoon with them wining and crying about God knows what. Came home to dog piss everywhere.  Opened the wine. Put on some makeup and new curls in the hair.  I guess that's it.  Not too bad. 
Here the kids are ready to go jump on some bouncy air things.
And if CPS sees the picture.. no the car was not moving.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22

Going to start a blog of Grant and my weekend adventures.. maybe daily events too. What we did on these days together as BF/GF before we have no life.
To get up to date. We've been together almost 3 years. We live in Excelsior. We have a dog, George and a cat, Gary.  I nanny for the Benoit's and Schmitts. Grant works for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Doing... who knows what. He can explain later.

This weekend.
Freddy, my nanny boy, welcomed a baby sister on Friday. They share the same birthday. She wasn't supposed to be here until November.  I got to see her minutes after she was born.  Adeline is beautiful. She is in my thoughts constantly.

Saturday, we went with my family to the Sioux Falls Air Show.  It was HOT and took too long. It was nice to be with my family.  But would have rather stayed home with them.

Today, we went to visit Theresa in the hospital.  She is doing wonderful and has high hopes for Addie.  After, we took sweet corn from the farm to Grant's parents' house.  Then we went to the MOA to check out smartphones for Grant and his family. He will probably end up with an iPhone 4s.  Then we went to IKEA and bought candles.

This evening, we watched Desperate Housewives and talked about what the "rules of engagement" would be.  Can't remember exactly what we decided.  Hopefully nothing will change until we have real babies.

On a scale of 1-10 I give this weekend a 6.  Not too bad. Not that great.